Помет T дата рождения 12.04.17

Мать: Viva Vogue Yudita, BRI ns 11

Отец: Kayros Pride Nicki, ns11

Sparkling Rime Tyson ns 11 кот Свободен Фотографии
Sparkling Rime Tamerlan ns 11 кот Свободен Фотографии
  Sparkling Rime Theseus ns 11 кот Свободен Фотографии
Sparkling Rime Topaz ns 11 кот Резерв Фотографии
Sparkling Rime Talisa ns 11 кошка Свободна Фотографии
Sparkling Rime Tammi ns 11 кошка Свободна Фотографии
  Sparkling Rime Tiramisu ns 11 кошка Свободна  


Котята переезжают к новым владельцам в возрасте не ранее трёх месяцев, прошедшими курс вакцинации, приученными к лотку и когтеточке, имеющими следующие документы: договор передаче прав на владение животным, родословную или метрику, ветеринарный паспорт, памятку о воспитании и правильном кормлении малыша.


*Статус "Резерв" - за котенка внесен аванс.
*Статус "Под наблюдением питомника " - котенок до определенного времени удержан питомником (возможна его дальнейшая продажа).
*Статус "Переговоры" - о продаже этого котенка ведутся переговоры, аванс не внесен.
*Статус "Продажа" - котенок свободен для резервирования и продажи.

The All Blacks and British and Irish Lions allowed themselves only a little time to savor or regret the outcome of the first test at Eden Park on Saturday before turning their attention to the second test at Wellington on which the series now hangs. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen was emphatic that his players should take time to celebrate their 30-15 win in an extraordinary test – their first against the Lions in 12 years – because of the many hours of hard work that had gone in to its achievement.Lions coach Warren Gatland was equally adamant that his team should dwell for a short time in the moment, savoring their contribution to an epic match, before concentrating on achieving the improvements needed to win next weekend's test and to keep the three-match series alive. The coaches and captains of both teams were adamant the series is far from over. While the All Blacks are likely to improve rapidly on their performance in Auckland, in only their second test of the season, Golden Tate III Jerseys they expected the Lions also to target areas of improvement which will make Saturday's second test equally competitive."The Calvin Johnson Jerseys job isn't done," Hansen said. "It's a three-match series and to win it you've got to win two of them. Winning one gives us an advantage, but so many times in sport the winning team gets knocked over next week. "This team always worked on the mantra that we Ameer Abdullah Jerseys want to be better and we don't always achieve that, but that's what we strive to do. So we'll enjoy this because we should. Test matches are special occasions and there's a lot of hard work went in to get that win and then we'll come together again in the morning and start our preparation for next week." Hansen said sound preparation would be vital in determining the outcome of the Marvin Jones Jr Jerseys second test and deciding whether the series is forced to a decider in two weeks at Eden Park, Barry Sanders Jerseys where New Zealand is unbeaten since 1994.